Apple iPhone 3GS (4.0.1)

Keep these buttons pressed until the phone restarts, and release them when the Apple logo appears. Afterwards, no other confirmations or options are required, the device will simply delete the current configuration. Firstly, make sure that your Internet connection is working.

Next, install the latest version of iTunes and see if that does the trick. For that kind of problems please speak with the carrier yourself, the one that are providing service. There may be something wrong with their database or with the SIM itself, and maybe they can change it. It seems there was a problem with the database and the last method had disappeared.

I dropped my iPhone 3GS A on the ground now its not charging.

HARD RESET your Apple iPhone 3GS (RESTORE to FACTORY condition)

Pics below of what its doing when i hold the power button on for 5 seconds. You should go to an Apple authorized service.

How to reset your iPhone

This has nothing to do with the software part. Most likely, the charging board has been disconnected from the shock.

It have all to do with just software but when buy it outside Holland than they will not support. In the original buy certificate and manuel is written that they give worldwide service and support. How to hard reset the iPhone 3GS As stated before, there are a few reasons to hard reset the iPhone 3GS, either if you want it, or compelled to do it. Once it is connected, select your device from the top right corner.

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The iPhone information windows should appear. Good news. The 3GS will restart at this point.

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  • 3 Cara untuk Melakukan Hard Reset pada iPhone - wikiHow.

Select the name for the iPhone. Select which accounts you want to sync with the iPhone. Select which apps you want to sync with the iPhone. This is a bit tricky so please follow these steps thoroughly: Once the iTunes and usb cable logo appears on the iPhone appears, you can let go of the Home button. Restore the device using the iTunes method from above.

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Reset without iTunes Basically, there are two rather simple ways of performing this task. From the basic phone menu, tap on Settings.

Check other APPLE device solutions:

If you are about to sell your phone and you want to wipe your personal data, or if your phone affected with virus you have to do a hard reset. In some cases, you can delete the forgotten password or lock pattern from your device as well. All information is for devices with stock based ROMs. Also note that the firmware version will not be affected in any way, it will not be downgraded, it will remain the same you are using and if you have rooted your device, root privileges remain also unaffected.

Hard Reset APPLE iPhone 3GS

Search Search. You are here: Apple iPhone 3GS hard reset. You should always update iPhone to use the latest software. You can also restore the software, which returns iPhone to its original state. If you restore, all data is erased from iPhone 3G, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, calendar information, and any other data. All iPhone settings are restored to their original state. Make sure you have an Internet connection and have installed the latest version of iTunes from www.

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Connect iPhone 3GS to your computer. In iTunes, select iPhone in the Source pane and click the Summary tab. Click Update to install the latest version of the software.